You are a brave hero trying to open up the path to the east through a misterious cave. The game features 5 sets of equipment, 4 enemies with particular attacks, 4 very nice npcs and a main quest to be solved with a final puzzle. The game was made throughout last month and there might be bugs/issues. Thank you for playing!

Controls: Left and Right arrow keys to move; Up to interact; Down to use shield, P to buy potion, Space bar to use potions; Q to open up quest log; W to open up your chest.

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
GenreRole Playing
Made withUnity, Piskel
Tags1GAM, 2D, LÖVE, Pixel Art, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes


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Getting to the second town is pure, low chance luck. Fuck this game.


To those that need some help, here is a walkthrough:

1) Go to the left and talk to the guard. Kill one enemy, move to the right and heal yourself, repeat till you have 50 gold and get the blacksmith upgrade.

2) Repeat this step killing two enemies on the left until you have 280 gold, remember that the blacksmith also heals you when you have enough, also pick up three potions from the healer. (p key)

3) Head left and talk to the guard, get as far as you can and check the body, then run back to the guard.  Talk to the left guard to complete the quest. Heal yourself and get three more potions.

4) Now head right and talk to the guard, go as far as you can without dying, you should be able to kill on green goblin creature before running back to camp.  If you see the body on the ground use up near it and head back to the guard to claim your reward.

5) Heal up and get three potions, move to the left as FAR as you can go, you will likely die.  This is ok as it resets the enemies to a better state.

6) If you died, head to the right and kill as much as you can, then heal and buy three potions heading to the left.  Repeat this till you can get to the left town.  Spawns make this hard and your timing matters.

7) If successful, you will be at a new town, heal up and get three potions. Carefully go right till one enemy spawns (near the body), farm these enemies till you have enough gold to buy armor upgrade for shield.

8) Talk to the guard and then move left, talking to the druid. Return to the guard for the final reward.  The druid will provide necklace information in a particular order. (Triangle, Solid, Black)

9) Grind using step 7 until you have 1000 gold, then finally head to the right.

10) Heal up and buy three potions, move to the right, using shield against green goblins.

11) At the final boss, move quick, striking the stones in the order provided by the druid, you can kill the blue shooters for a limited time, have fun!

I liked how you figured out how to deal with the crowd of enemies who often happens in the west path. Step 5. Good job!

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Yea, you have a great start here, I went through some of your code(you should avoid publicly releasing development builds if you wish to hide the code better, development builds have everything needed to debug and look at them for code issues) and would love to provide some general tips about C# and unity if you ever care to hear about them.  The discord server for my level editor is the best way to reach me :)

For this project the development build wasn't a problem. I created it as a challenge and no game should stay hidden with no one to play, BUT I will keep that in mind! Your game is on my To do list, I've been busy working on this month's game, but I'll try to play Autonauts on this weekend! I just joined your discord server I sure would make good use of C#/Unity tips!

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Hey, just to let you know you need the data folder unity builds, not just the exe.  Keep up your work, and consider remapping shield to a different key, as webgl down gets interpreted as scroll down on some browsers

Hey, John. Thanks a lot for the help! I'll upload the missing folder and make an alternative set of keys using wasd. I'm glad to see people like you being nice and helpful. Cheers.


Very nice atmosphere, the music sounds good and the graphics are pretty great too. Either I'm doing something wrong or not, but the difficulty seems pretty steep. But overall, looks like a well-made game!

If you're interested, enter this game into our yearly Game Development World Championship!

Hey GDWC! Thanks a lot for the compliments, I've put a lot of effort into this game (the author of the music is in the credits, which can be seen beating the game or pressing "C"). I'm often reading feedback about the enemy's spawn mechanic and overall difficulty, now I'm aware I have to fix that, thanks! I'll look out for your championship/contest, sounds pretty interesting.


Glad you found my feedback helpful!