The world as you know has ended but you've got luck to have a spare bunker and managed to survive. Now you have to adventure the shadowy wilderness with your grandpa's magic lantern and protect your home from the monsters on the surface

Movements: WASD
Shoot: Space
Buy Upgrade (not implemented - it's a prototype!): E

Fabio: Art primarily but also programming.
Henrik: Programming primarily, gave ideas for fabios art, Main Menu, soundeffects, fixing Fadi's code.
Fadi: Programming primarily,design, music (which is currently not in the game), rigging up the animations.

The Bunker - Copyright © 2018  by Fabio, Fadi, Henrik.

Disclaimer: This was our  first  Game Jam. The game isn't perfect but upcoming games will probably gonna be better. It was made in a week.

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Release date Sep 01, 2018
Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Authorsfabioecco, henkehedstrom, FaDiMak
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Fantasy, Pixel Art, Post-apocalyptic
Average sessionA few minutes


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The game was good. A+ for the artist who made the pixel art! The game seemed to be hard at the beginning but after a few tries I got the technique : I make the monsters follow me then I start shooting them till they all die. I reached wave 5 using this technique!

Thanks, Belga! It was hard to make all art and animations in a few days. I really appreciate your feedback.


Good game Rated good pixel art

Thanks, Gucci! I really appreciate it.

  • The art looks good
  • I thing being able to aim with the mouse would be better, than firing in the direction the guy is facing.
  • It's just to dark at the start to see the monsters.
  • Maybe add that you have to protect the bunker, so that you can't just run away from the monsters.
  • It's not clear at which distance the monsters can attack you and do damage.
  • 2/5 would be my rating

Thanks for the feedback. We have talked about most of the points you mentioned but weird things happened in the end so we did just want to have something we could show. When the rating period is over we might update it a bit. The monster could for example have an attack animation so it would be easier to see if they can hurt you or not. Regarding the light in the beginning, your lantern will have a higher intensity and range if you have more light on you yourself. But yeah it doesn't make sense to have it very hard in the beginning and then very easy lightways.

Thanks for the feedback, Mika!
1. Make art and animation for a game jam is super hard, thanks!
2 and 3. I kinda agree with you, but we just brainstormed it too fast.
4. I think lack of proper tutorials are my worst problem. (:
5. The colliders are actually pretty small;