You didn't survive the zombie apocalypse and now you are a brain eater undead feeding on the last remnants of humanity. You will use freaking creepy mutations and lurk among the shadows to hunt your preys. There is a briefly tutorial, but it's up to you to discover the special habilities of the infected ones.

This project is part of the "One Game a Month" Jam. Each month I gonna put all my efforts to create a game from scratch and deliver a playable and nice looking project. Once I hit the 30th day, the game is released as it is, therefore, it might have some issues. Leave me a comment if you find any bugs.

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Made withUnity, Piskel
Tags1GAM, Pixel Art, Stealth, Zombies
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Nice concept that player plays as zombie killing the remaining humans. I can only managed to reach level 8 with 3 stars rating.

My only problem is that choosing zombie can only be done from previous levels and some level seems need certain zombie to get 3 stars rating. I had to go back to level 2 just to to be able to choose the 4th (to break the woods on the door) and 5th zombie (to take down human above building) which seems some levels require those zombies. Good luck if you planning to update it :-).

Also good job and hello there from fellow 1GAM participant. Good luck for reaching 1 game for each month if you are into the challenge ;-). 


Thanks a lot, NeithR! I really need to improve my level design skill.  And yes, I planning to update it in the future because a lot of people liked it. :) Good luck to you to, I saw you are selling beatiful assets.


Didn't get to use the last two zombies! Damn. Fun little game though with lots of room for expansion.

Man, you were the best player till now, no kidding. If I were good making tutorials you would know that they can't see you in the dark, so if you avoid the spotlights you don't get shot, hahah. Also, the pink zombie breaks barricade doors! Thanks a lot for playing!


I don't quite like how there's no way to choose which zombie to play as when you restart or select a level. Unless there's a key for that, but I really can't find what that key is.

Hey, HyperThermal! There's no way. I designed it to let the player choose the zombie depending on the number of stars earned on the previous level. Thanks for playing!


I honestly wish I had had more time to spend on this game. I probaly could have gotten farther, and it was really good!

This one was the most buggy gameplay I've watched, I'm embarassed. hahah You did very well, though. Thanks for playing, MrBobbly! (The pink zombie can break those barricade doors!)


nice game! 

I'm glad you liked, thanks a lot!


i don't understand what is the difference between the zombies but i really like reversing the perspective of the protagonist!

Thanks, milemole! I really appreciate your comment. I'll tell you what each one does, but don't tell anyone. The fat one regenerates life (green hearts) when he eats; the yellow guy runs fast; the pink bulk zombie breaks boxes and barricade doors and the skeleton gains wings and can fly (yes, this game features a flying zombie).


i love it!!! thanks for telling me! flying zombies, it’s like the human version of flying cockroaches 


Hey there, fun game!

I played a little bit of it in my new video and it was pretty enjoyable!

You rocked, Camirisu! I should have warned players to press space bar each level, otherwise you didn't get to choose new zombies. My bad. hahah I loved the video, thanks a lot for playing!


I rathered enjoyed the game. Take on the role of a pixelated zombie. What do pixelated zombies crave? Why pixelated brains of course! haha it's quite awesome and, unique.
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I liked how you were cautious before jump on the brains. The players I've been seeing just run straight to the guy holding a gun! hahah You got the stealth concept of the game, thanks for playing it on youtube!


Hey! Played a little bit of this on my channel; sorry for the abrupt ending! Ran into a recording issue midway through and then ran outta time. 

Hahah I've just watched it and it's very funny. I'm learning the things I should have teach you guys in the tutorial. I wish I could link 2 videos here, but anyway, I'll share your video everywere! Thanks a lot for playing, Lokijki!

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I had a lot of fun with this game.  I really liked the throwback style of it as well as the arcade graphics.  This is exactly what I needed.  It was a simple, slow, wonderfully gruesome game.  It has a simple incentive to kill all the humans,  my favorite being the flying demon zombie.  Although I left this unfinished I hope people will explore the last few levels for themselves in order to find out the end.  As all original games like this usually have hidden Easter eggs.  This was also a wonderful throwback for me to the original style of video games with simple mechanics and one goal .  Kill all humans.  I find it ironic that somebody had the perspective to take it from a zombie’s  Point of view instead of the gun slinging hero.  This was a really awesome game I love it!  I hope you create more little games with your unique twist on them.

Hey, Hayden! I'm glad you enjoyed my game, your comments were very, very kind and your video is super fun. I loved your reactions. Actually I'll link this video here! Browsing your channel, it looks like you make gameplays of indie games and I'm eager to watch more of it. Thank you for playing!